• Dead Sea Bath Salts


    The Dead Sea salts have been famous for their therapeutic effects for many centuries.  This salt contains approximately 80 different minerals, 12 of which are rare and can only be found in the Dead Sea.  The most essential minerals such as potassium, magnesium, calcium chloride and bromides can be found in a Dead Sea salt bath.  It has more than 10 times the salt content of ocean water, making it a rich source of minerals that improve one's health in many ways.

    What's so amazing about the minerals found in the Dead Sea bath salts is that they are the same natural minerals found in and on our skin.  In other words, these minerals can mix with our skin's nutrients and can be absorbed by the skin quite easily.  As the skin absorbs the minerals from the Dead Sea salt, the whole body benefits.

    These are just some of the many health benefits of a Dead Sea salt bath:

    * improved blood circulation
    * renews cells and improves skin tone
    * relieves joint inflammation
    * replenishes dead skin cells
    * reduces tension

    Let our Dead Sea Salts take you to another level.

    Just two tablespoons of our bath salts added to a warm bath will leave you relaxed and calm.  Reintroduce lost minerals to your skin with a bath from the Dead Sea.
    Ingredients: Dead Sea Mineral Salts, Essential Oils or Fragrance.
    *16 oz Jar purchase comes with a free Bath Salts scoop!

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