• Furry Friends Healing Salve


    Healing Salve for Pets

    We all love our pets. We want to keep them happy and healthy. But sometimes, no matter what we do, it's not enough. Some of our pets have allergies, some have anxiety. Some stress when they are alone, and sometimes they just have an itch. What ever it is that is making your pet's skin uncomfortable, we can help.

    We designed this salve for "hot spots", or Moist Dermatitis / Eczema. A dog with a hot spot will often bite, and scratch at the area. The area becomes moist, red, raw and may pus. In long haired dogs, the area usually becomes matted from the discharge. Painful, itchy lesions often appear, causing the dog to chew and lick even more. This can cause thickened skin and scarring.

    These "spots" can be caused by a bacterial infection, and can show up anywhere on your dog's body. Most of the time these hot spots can be cured with oral and topical antibiotics. They most often occur in the hot summer months. A dog who is wet, dirty and or matted are more susceptible. Fleas, ticks, and burrs can cause them, or an allergic reactions due to food allergy, flea allergy, atopy, parasites (such as mange), anal gland problems, localized inflammation of the skin from clipping and grooming, or skin infections.
    Guess what?! Our Salve kills fleas on contact too!

    While we are not treating the cause of the problem, you need to take your pet to the vet for that, we can help to ease his or her discomfort!

    Furry Friends Healing Salve is made from all-natural ingredients, no synthetic chemicals to irritate your pet's already inflamed skin. We recently changed the recipe so that our salve is now Vegan friendly! It is non-toxic to canine and equine, so there is no worry if it gets licked a little. (You should NEVER use essential oils on cats! Their livers cannot process the oils and it can be fatal). Your pet may squirm the first time you put it on because they are expecting it to hurt, but once they see how soothing it feels they will let you without fuss.

    Take it from our Blue Nose Terrier, after 24 hrs, she feels better.  After 1 month, she is growing hair back! 

    INGREDIENTS: Avocado Oil, Soy Wax, All-Natural Aloe Gel, Soy Butter, Essential Oils and Extracts.
    CAUTION: For external use only. Keep away from Eyes as it will cause burning and/or watering. Salve will create a slippery surface until dry. Safe for canine and equine. Not for use on cats.