Cough & Cold Bath Soak


When your head and chest are congested, you just can't function in a normal day.  1 - 2 Tbsp in a warm bath for no more than 20 minutes will help to open up the air passage and leave you feeling cool and relaxed!

Our Bath Soak is made with:

Dead Sea Salt, with natural minerals that your body needs to regulate itself
Camphor Powder, to produce a cooling effect for sore muscles, and also as an analgesic
Licorice Root Extract, a powerful cough suppressant, soothing expectorant, demulcent and anti-inflammatory
Eucalyptus Essential Oil, an expectorant, natural decongestant to open bronchial passages and clear mucus
Peppermint Essential Oil, as a decongestant for the sinuses, and an anti-viral for the lungs
Thyme, a powerful antiseptic, antibacterial, and antioxidant to treat inflammation and throat infections