• Hand Dipped Incense Sticks

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    Historically, Incense Sticks have been associated with meditation and spirituality. It is believed that burning them relieves tension, stress, and brings about a more alert, creative state of consciousness.

    Composition: Bamboo stick, wood powder and natural bond.
    * We do not use DPG (Di-propylene Glycol) when soaking our incense sticks.  Some manufacturers use DPG to dilute fragrance oils so as to use less in the finished product.  It is this DPG that causes some people to experience headaches when burning the sticks, because DPG is thought to be a toxin to the respiratory system during the "smoke" phase.

    We carry two sizes of incense sticks:
    11" sticks burn 35-40 min. and are sold in pkgs of 10.
    19" sticks are natural color, burn about 60 min, and are sold in pkgs of 6.

    Choose your scent from our list of pre-soaked/packaged sticks (ship within 48 business hours).
    Or have us soak and package your custom scented sticks (requires an additional 3 days to ship).

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    Check out all of the available scents and order exactly what you love!