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"...god did that basket look and smell great.. thanks again!" Garilyn, Marlboro, NY
"I love my all my products I got from you that day, and look forward to buying more!"
Andrea, Ghent NY

"Looks GREAT!! Added it to my page as a favorite! Going to Suggest to friends now!" Jennifer, Hyde Park NY
"The salts worked very nicely......and left a nice smell of lavender in my nose afterwards. Thumbs up!" Sarah, New Paltz NY
" I truly love everything,,, My husband really loves the shea butter cream... It is amazing at how his heels are healing! He has tried everything on them, and nothing seems to work like this shea butter does."
Mary, Massachusetts
"BEAUTIFUL baskets! THANK YOU" Sher, Gardner NY
"I have to tell you that I just love the lotions and shower gels that [my daughter] sent me. The White Linen scent is amazing. I'll be ordering more for sure." Anita, California
"They smell SOOO good and my family LOVED them." Anna, Stuyvesant, NY
"That [Facial] Toner! Amazing! Not only do I use it on my face but my daughter got sunburn the other day and I used it on her back. She said it cooled it instantly and by morning it wasn't even red anymore! Thank you thank you thank you! You may want to offer it in a bigger bottle..." Gail, Colorado
" Every time I think I've tried the best product...something else rolls around lol...those foot scrubs are the BEST I've ever used!!" Lea, Kingston NY
"Okay I just want to tell you how awesome your products are... I know I told you before but I love them all! I can't believe how many samples you put together for me and even went out of your way to drop them off to me...Amazing! My favorite product without a doubt is the sugar scrub!" Kristin, Germantown NY
"I just want you to know that the foot cream is one of my favorites. My feet were rough and calloused and since I started the foot cream, my feet are velvety soft, and I'm not ashamed to wear sandals anymore. I have my family members useing it and they all love it. I recommend the eucalyptus and peppermint scent. It smells so clean, and the fragrance is not overpowering.  I use the foot cream on my hands, legs, knees, elbows wherever the skin is rough." Denise, Rosendale, NY
"The salve worked on my Dog.....he loved the salve, as soon as he would see me get it he would get so excited. He would sit there and let me put it on and give me must have made his skin feel so much better. He didn't do that for any other thing I tried before your salve, he would run from me." Tammy, Ira, Michigan
"Wow! I really am lost for words. I was a bit sceptical when I purchased your menthol rub. I couldn't smell a thing out of the jar, not like the vicks one I had been using. But then I put a little on my temples and under my nose, like you suggested, and....WOW! It cleared up my head and I could breathe great after just a couple minutes! Thank you!" Marta, Staten Island, NY
"I am so happy with my purchase. I just wish I had bought more when I did. The organic glycerin soap is like nothing I have used. All natural and a really great lather. My skin was super soft too. I will be getting more real soon, in different smells."  Liz, Bethpage, NY
"The Furry Friends Healing Salve is wonderful. My newly adopted AmStaff Terrier had some patches of fur missing due to allergies.. the salve works like a charm. She LOVES the smell and sits like a perfect lady when it's time to put it on (also softens up her once insanely dry paw pads), her fur is back and she is now on a grain-free diet as well! Thanks." Shirley & Molly, Hudson, NY
"Love all the products. my lips were so chapped and nothing was working. when i used your chapstick my lips were better the next day. i also LOVE the sugar scubs and she butter....and that facial toner does wonders. thanks!!!"  Megan, Elizaville, NY
"The eye cream is absolutely wonderful! It makes me look not old (at least around the eyes!!!). I will never use any another eye cream. Thank you!" Barri, Verbank, NY
"After hearing many great things about Essentially Yours, I just had to see what the hype was all about. I answered one of their give away questions correctly and when asked what I wanted, I just said, " Surprise me!" I was very pleasantly surprised. As someone with a ridiculous amount of allergies and sensitivities, Essentially Yours' products really are an essential part of my life!"  Emma, Saugerties, NY
"My puppy kept biting her tail! She was raw and red, with no hair. Furry Friends soothed her and she stopped biting. 2 wks later her hair was growing back good as new! THANK YOU!!!"  Mary, Hartford, CT
"I have bad acne. REALLY bad! I tried just about everything I could get my hands on and nothing worked long term. After using the lavendar and teetree facial cleaner, I have soft, smooth skin. It's been 7 months and I only break out if i'm stressed. I'm hooked! LOVE it"  Tori, Galviston, TX
"I just placed an order on your website and can't wait to get it! I bought the cleanser and toner from you when you were at the women's day out in Hudson last November, and I haven't used anything else but your products on my face, and I love them, and my face doesn't break out! Thank you for an excellent product!! ♥"
Stacey, Valatie, NY
"This morning in the shower I decided to use a sugar scrub that I had purchased before the holidays at [a big name store], I must say by comparison to your sugar scrub, I was very disappointed. I will not buy their product again. Essentially Yours makes the best scrub. Leaves skin soft and smooth all day, without even using a moisturizer or lotion after the shower. ♥ your products!!!"  Maureen, Claverack, NY
"I used the tagetes [essential oil] shea cream for my feet and since I bought this for my pain from fibromyalgia, I can honestly say I noticed a great calming affect from this cream. I am so happy and plan on mentioning this to friends. Thank you for your super products. LOVE IT ALL!!"  Andrea, Stanfordville, NY

"I am so enjoying the carrot and almond toner that I won. Using it with my carrot/almond facial wash and moisturizer. Thank you so much again."  Barri D. Millbrook, NY
"I was at a flea market in Rhinebeck last year, and while killing some time waiting for my husband I stumbled on your booth. Not knowing what to expect I purchased small. So sorry I did because I ran out and NEEDED more!  I bought the tiny jar of eye cream. I have since ordered more in the larger jar, and this year when we go I will be sure to stop by. Thanks for making the car show fun for women. See ya soon!"  Dancy, Cedar Grove, NJ